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I found a bug, where can I report it?

Best way is to add it to the issue tracker of the extension on github. You'll find the link to issue tracker on the extensions detail page under "Resources" in the sidebar.

I have written an extension, how can I add it?

First make sure your extension meets the requirements of our development-guide. When everything is fine you can file a ticket here. All we need is the extensions name and where we can get it. When it is already on github we will fork it and adjust the file structure to fit our guidelines. If it is svn it will be migrated and if it's a zip-file a new repo with the contents of the zip will be created.

How did you migrate from google code (svn) to github?

The migration was done by cebe with the scripts uploaded in this gist. Our Yii git mirror is created and updated by a jenkins-ci job running the scripts from this gist.

My questions is not on this page!

So you might want to contact us directly.